Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Don't Hurt Yourself

When we have been hurt as infants and children with words, thoughts and actions, we tend to continue to hurt ourselves as adults.
When we were loved adored and treated with compassion, we tend to continue as we grow up.
When we were affirmed, nurtured and appreciated, we tend to continue the same as adults.
The way we treat ourselves with thoughts and words the same as we were treated as children.
The way we think of ourselves is often with similar thoughts as our parents had for us.
And our parents and caregivers usually give to their children what was given to them.
And so the cycle of abuse, negligence and denigration goes on and on.
This cycle can stop now with you.

Stop condemning yourself with criticism and judgments.
Start giving yourself appreciation and respect.
Stop remembering only what seemed to fail.
Start believing you can succeed.
Stop engaging in unhealthy habits and behaviors.
Start treating yourself with impeccable kindness and care.
Stop surrounding yourself with negative people and activities.
Start giving yourself healthy relationships and happy experiences.
Stop scaring yourself with disaster thoughts and traumatic media.
Start inspiring yourself with good news and uplifting music.

You can make a difference in your own life right now.
Forgive your past negligence.
Forgive your past self abuse.
Forgive your self wounding.
Stop picking at the scabs of the past and let your self heal.

Give yourself and others only your very best.
Flush the rest down the cosmic toilet.

Love yourself today.
Betty Lue