Friday, January 20, 2006

Count on Change

Change of Mood, change of weather, change of business climate, change of interest rates, change of relationships, change of mind, change of politics, change of your physiology, all are expected.

In this physical world, change is constant.
In the Essence of Spirit, Love is constant.

When we are attached to safety and security in relationships, finances, jobs, health, we often are disappointed or even shocked and surprised by change.

To respond with ease, rather than react fearfully and defensively, we need to cultivate inner trust, foster freedom and flow with flexibility.

To cultivate what we want to experience we must practice breathing, forgiving, letting go and faith.
These Loving Reminders offer refer to this practice call Love as defined by Trust and Freedom.

When we see the world as being the only reality, “This is it and we better do it right”, we would naturally feel fearful of making mistakes, not knowing the rules and not figuring out how to play the game of life successfully.

Success could be measured by how resilient we are.
Love could be measured by how forgiving we are.
Winning could be measured by how happy we are.
Knowing could be measured by how trusting we are.
Playing the game could be measure by how fair we are.

Life is change and challenge, healing and growth.
To the degree we enjoy it all, we are happy and successful.

When we respect our journey ourselves and value our journey, life is an adventure.
When we get confused or blocked, we can stop, rest and re-evaluate.
When we experience the unexpected, we can let go and trust.
When we are lost and uncertain, we can listen within for guidance.
When we feel separate, we can find fellow travelers who are going our way.

Change happens.
How we handle change is our responsibility. (RESPONSE ABILITY)
Change happens.
How we meet it with confidence, curiosity and enjoyment is our process.
Change happens.
How we forgive our limitations, judgments and fears is our work.
Change happens.
How we free ourselves, breathe and surrender to love is our gift.

I am loving you,
This love is true and constant.
Betty Lue

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Love is constant. We are always being held in the loving arms of God.