Saturday, January 21, 2006

Clarify Your Intention

My intention is clear.
I want to give all to all.
The best of what I know, and how I live from the Source of All Good is what I choose to give.

I listen daily and follow Inner guidance.
I listen at the keyboard, as I was guided in December, 1998 and share what is given to me.
I listen and share all that I have received.

My intention is that you receive only what resonates with you.
My intention is that you let go of everything that is untrue.
My intention is that you experience the love and wisdom you know.
My intention is that you can easily recognize and remember what is true for you.

My heart rejoices to know that you receive these reminders and share with others.
My spirit soars when I realize that these words and my life inspires you to be happy and free.
My work is honored by your willingness to practice love and forgiveness.
God, the Love that creates through the vessel of my life, celebrates your being.

Ministers use these reminders to write sermons.
Counselors use these reminders to let go of limiting stories.
Parents use these reminders to be more patient and teach well by example.
Partners use these reminders to take responsibility for their own emotional response.
Teens use these words to awaken their inner knowing and confidence.
Business people use these words to honor their values of respect and responsibility.
The lonely, sick and bereft use these words to remind them, they are safe and loved.

I invite you to receive what is given freely to benefit your own life as well as those around you.
Together remembering Love changes our attitudes, our relationships, our lives and our world.
We are a team of those willing Ones, willing to let go and learn, willing to forgive and love again.

I am honored to be your partner in remembering Only Love…
Betty Lue