Sunday, December 18, 2005

Stop the Insanity

Whenever crazy things happens, we can let go immediately and return to sanity.
Whenever people do or say things that are unloving, we can offer them loving kindness.
Whenever people are unforgiving, we can choose to forgive them.
Whenever the world seems chaotic, we can create order in our lives.
Whenever people are fighting, we can make peace and extend it.
Whenever life seems overwhelming, we can breathe, simplify and attend to what matters.

In other words, stop joining the insanity.
Start living with peace and harmony in your mind and heart.
People may invite us to join the crazy, meaningless and unkind world.
We can choose to decline and create sane, meaningful and respectful activities.

Say "no" simply.
Speak kindness consistently.
Act forgiving patiently.
Live peacefully for your own sake.

What is blessed and best for you is truly a gift to All.
Whatever is nourishing, gentle and healing for you is Good for All.
What you do to love you well, brings the gift of a healed You to our world.

Seek to see only holiness in yourself and others and your life will be a healing Light unto the world.

Blessing you with a bit of inspired sanity,
Betty Lue

”We’re in this together...she’s my Sister!”