Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Peace On Earth

Peace on earth begins with you and me.
It is through our thoughts that we convey peace.
From our peace-filled thoughts come our words and actions.
When our minds are full of Light, we will give only Light.

Winter Solstice, the darkest time of the year, is the opportunity to reclaim the Light we are.
To find the Light within, we must let go of the darkness.
To see the Light within, we must forgive all judgment.
To enlighten our mind, we must plug into the Source of All Light.
To be fully enlightened, we must choose the Light.
To claim the Light we are, we must appreciate and value the Source of All Light.

You cannot give what you do not have.
Words of wisdom and conditional love and light are not enough.
Give first to yourself the ease and abundance, the clarity and oneness, the peace and joy.
Assure yourself and rest in God and the Goodness that lies within all humanity when we are at Peace.
Let yourself have what is your Divine inheritance, your sacred right and your holy purpose.

Be willing to be happy and peaceful, loving and kind…to yourself and to others.
Be willing to let go of the past and be grateful for the gift of now.
Be willing to enjoy this moment and learn from everyone and everything.
Be willing to give the Good you have to behold the Good You Are.
Be willing to love all for the joy of loving.
Be willing and know You are Good.

Where there is fear, give Love.
Where there is struggle, give ease.
Where there is neediness, give abundance.
Where there is confusion, give clarity.
Where there is separation, give union.
Where there is conflict, give peace.
Where there is sorrow, give joy.
Where there is insecurity, give assurance.
Where there is fatigue, give rest.

In this we shall know Peace in our hearts and minds.
In this we shall behold Peace on Earth.

May Peace reign on Earth in the heart of humanity,
Betty Lue

The Love of God lives in each one of us. Give the Love You Are.
Betty Lue