Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Only Love is Real. All else is illusion.

Where we are joined in agreement, we make up the world we see.
Our perceptions reflect what we want to see.
When we seek agreement, we will find it.
In our need to be right, we have made a "reality" that is not right for us.

In our unknowing we have built a dream that reflects our fear and crazy attempts to overcome our fear.
In our ignorance we have chosen paths of protection and defensiveness against evil dreams of our making.
In our righteousness we continue to prove our choices to fight "holy" wars against our brothers.
In our insanity, we have created the terror and the terrorists by forsaking the Love we are.

In Light we will know what is right.
In the Light we will stop the inner fight.
In the Light we will shine away fear.
In the Light we will remember what is clear.

Dis-ease is the lack of peace.
Dis-aster is defying nature.
Delay is denying what is now.
Destruction is tearing down.

It is all right that we should lose ourselves in order to find ourselves.
It is helpful to learn the inner power of healing and remembering wholeness.
It is valuable to see we create what we are valuing.
It is empowering to reclaim our Union with All Power and All Presence of Love.

We are choosing or losing everyday as we will it to be.
We are experiencing what we have chosen or relinquished by our own decision.
We learn by believing we are alone and separate or by realizing we are all one and united with Source.
We are vicitmized by being at the effect of our experience or empowering ourselves by changing our mind with forgiveness and gratitude.

Now is the time to forgive all errant choices or laziness in not choosing.
Now is the time to value the learning of the presence relationships and circumstances.
Now is the time to choose a future of hope and faith, love and peace.
Now is the time to forgive and choose again with full appreciation for the gift of life and learning.

Now is the time.
We are the Ones.
Betty Lue

All of us are playing in order to learn...... Just babies playing with pretending to be devils and angels. No judgment...just playing. Keep laughing and letting the light shine on your life. De Light will lead you to health, happiness and freedom. (Betty Lue and Robert with 7 1/2 month old babies Lila and Harper.)