Saturday, December 24, 2005

More Light and De Light, Please!

Renewed hope in glorious future for all humanity.
Renewed faith in the Presence of Love and Peace.
Renewed commitment to a Good Life for All.
Renewed joy and gratitude for all children.

Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, Solstice all symbolize the return of light, hope and possibility.
We, as a global family, gather to remember we are in this universal school together, all students.
There is so much opportunity to awaken our imagination, creativity and gratitude consciousness.
What we conceive and believe we can and will achieve, as we have believed it to be.

What is your part in this awesome plan?
How do you intend to bring more light to your life?
How can you make the lives of others a little brighter?
Who can you bless with the Joy and Delight in you?

Enjoy today an everyday shining the Light within you on everyone you encounter.
Your light and Love bless this earth and all humanity.
Let us teach love by bringing more awareness of the Love that already is.

Always and forever loving you,
Betty Lue

The greatest gift of all are the children of Love, born to this Earth to remind us—to renew our innocent trust and simple desire to love and be loved.
Harper and Lila are now almost 8 months old and full of love, laughter and curiosity.

Santa’s helpers are all of you who know love is the magic and giving love is the path to joy.
Betty Lue