Monday, December 12, 2005

Make Yourself Happy

And if you want to begin now:
Simple exercises :
List 20 wants (I want..) quickly.
List 10 “loves” (I love...)
Observe how you spend the 24 hours in your day. Make a note of it.
Ask yourself how you want to spend your ideal 24 hours. Make a note.
What do you believe keeps you from having what you want, doing what you love and living your ideal?
How can you let go of the beliefs, attitudes and judgments that hold you back?
How can you begin making your current life more ideal?

Life is often about doing what you thought others wanted from you and for you.
True living is about honoring what you want for yourself.

Are you willing and ready to love you?
How much do you care about being happy?
Are you willing to love and respect you at the highest level?
When we are truly happy, our happiness is contagious.
Others catch it. Others learn from it. Others enjoy it.

To be happy, you must live happiness.
Giving yourself what you think you want won't make you happy consistently.
There will always be something more you think you want more than what you have.
To find true and lasting happiness, you must give yourself the love you really want.
To live with lasting happiness, you must share your happiness with others.
To fully embrace being happy without fear of losing it, you must choose happiness.

We are created to be happy and peaceful.
We are invited to share our happiness and peace with others.

Be happy and free.
Betty Lue