Thursday, December 22, 2005

Love All the Little Children

When all the children are truly loved, we will have peace on Earth.
We will have no war, no famine, no disease when all the children are well loved.
We will have peace and joy, gratitude and celebration, freedom and creativity for all.
When all children are safe and warm in loving homes with kind parents, we will all prosper.
When all the children are loved, we will all be happy and at peace.

How do we love them all?
Right now there are over 500,000 children with no family in our country alone.
And millions of children around the globe are hungry and alone.
Taking one child into your heart and home would be an immeasureable gift for everyone.
Making one child feel safe and loved would bring the possibility of so much more to others.
Each one of us can love the children we see, the children we talk with, the children we know.

How can we love all the children?
Speak kind encouraging words.
Welcome them with smiles.
Offer opportunities to be helpful.
Invite creative possibilities.
Share stories of wisdom and courage.
Inviting learning and teaching.
Model kindness and respect.
Speak with love to all ages.
Contribute your very best.
Be totally present.
Make no assumptions.
Keep your agreements.
Give patiently and generously.
Spend more time and give fewer things.
Listen more and talk less.
Let them have space and silence.
Imagine every child having a home.
Forgive their mistakes.
Learn to laugh and play.
Forgive all mistakes and encourage new choices.
Let everyone have a turn.
Support quality education for every child.
Find win-win solutions.
Recognize we are all children in our hearts.
Let go of seriousness, danger and difficulty.
Give them responsibility and freedom.
Enjoy spending quality time.
Explore the world with curiosity.
Teach cooperation by modeling it at home and work.
Enjoy your life, so kids believe life can be fun, safe and easy.
Teach love, not fear.
Love all the children well.

Everyone of us is a child inside.
First love yourself into feeling safe and happy.
Then it is natural to love everyone.

Betty Lue