Saturday, December 31, 2005

Life is a Playful Workshop

Take life seriously and you may feel disappointed.
Take life lightly and you will be amazed.

As this transformative Year 2005 comes to a close, there is still work to be done.
You can clean up and begin anew or carry along the garbage and emotional residue from the past.

Highly recommended this weekend or as soon as possible:
Clear your kitchen cupboards and frig of all that is not highest and best for you.
Clean your closets and drawers of belongings that have not been used in the last year.
Release from your memorabilia what no longer has value or is needed to be retained.
Let go of everything that does not bring you positive energy.
Cling to nothing that is not beneficial and life-giving to you and yours.

Some rituals that may help:
List all limiting habits, emotions and patterns you are ready to release and burn or bury them.
Bless your self and that which you are releasing, so you fully receive the gifts, learning and healing.

Ask yourself what you have believed all your life that may no longer be true for you.
Ask yourself what you have attached to that may be holding you back.
Ask yourself what you have allowed to hurt you, scare you or anger you that you can now let go.
Ask yourself who you may have dismissed, rejected or abandoned that you now choose to love.
Ask yourself what you have denied yourself that you now chose to claim.
Ask what patterns you have re-experienced again and again that you can now undo.
Ask what direction and focus you now choose to guide and inspire your daily life.
Ask what matters most to you and then choose to live your life with that as your North Star.

I am loving you,
Betty Lue

The end of year memories may not be welcomed, because they come with a residue of grief or guilt, emotional pain.
However, when you get through resisting the unwanted feelings, there is a rainbow of Son Light.
And in the Light you find the yellow brick road to true and lasting freedom and happiness.
Our real work here is to undo everything that is not wholly (holy) True and Holy Loving.
Let us begin........