Sunday, December 25, 2005

Joy to the World

Christmas Day, 2005

Christmas Child

Be as a child,
New with each day.
Be as a child,
Joy in your play.

Be as a child
Full of delight.
Be as a child,
Know everything's right.

Be as a child,
Claim everyone "friend".
Be as a child,
Know trust without end.

Be as a child,
At peace in Love's arms.
Be as a child,
Safe from all harm.

Be as a child,
Happy and free.
Be as a child,
Let go and let be.

Be as a child,
Filled with Love's Light.
Be as a child,
Shine Love ever bright.

Be as a child,
Honest and true.
Be as a child,
Always be You.


Peace is our goal.
Joy is our purpose.
Love is our function.

When we have forgiven all the unlove we made up, we return to innocence.
When we are innocent and trusting, we love naturally and share our Joy.
When we are loving and happy, we are healthy, creative and live purposefully.

We are the Light in the darkness.
We are here to shine away the darkness.
We are here to love away the fear.
We are here to create what is loving and good for all.
We are here to be the gifts that keep on giving.
We are here to simply enjoy life and be grateful for the Love we give.

Christmas is the time to awaken the Spirit of natural giving.
Christmas is the reminder that pure Love lives within each one of us.
Christmas is the symbol of the birth of hope, healing and happiness.
Christmas is the invitation to learn from the Great Ones to be forgiving and compassionate to All.

This symbolic birth day is our celebration of One Who came to show the Way.
Born in lowly circumstances, profoundly loved by His parents, taught by wise ones, working with His hands, opening His heart to the rejected and abandoned of his society, claiming only to do what He was guided to do from within, He never asked for anything more than to teach his people how to treat one another and to love God.

Each one of us has a purpose and mission to fulfill.
When we are living what is True for us, we will be happy and free.
Each one of us can dedicate our lives as a gift, willing to love unconditionally, serve from the heart and remember God with Gratitude.

I love you and bless you.
I thank you and value you.
I celebrate You and all you are.

Betty Lue

Thank you for joining me on this spiritual journey.
Thank you for receiving my gifts with respect and gratitude.
Thank You for supporting us all with your prayers and your contribution.
Thank you for your love and for giving your positive energy to what you value.
Thank you for knowing that we are all in this together...
Thank you for healing, transforming and co-creating our experience of this world.
Thank you for enjoying what is given with joyful appreciation for the Good of all.

I appreciate YOU!
Betty Lue