Monday, December 19, 2005

Fighting for What?

When you are tired and hungry, you may start a fight.
When you are hot and bothered, you may start a fight.
When you are unhappy and upset, you may start a fight.
When you are sacrificing and unappreciative, you may start a fight.

Love does not participate in meaningless and draining activities.
Love does not start fights.
Love does not feel resentment or hostility.
Love does not feel offended or defensive.
Love stops fights before they start.

Most people protect their right to be right.
Most people attack back when they feel attacked.
Most people defend their position.
Most people hate being criticized, shamed or yelled at.

You are not "most people". (If you are reading this reminder!)

Love listens.
Love is respectful.
Love is kind and patient.
Love speaks without attack or criticism.
Love makes no one wrong.
Love responds only when helpful.
Love gives love when there is a need for love.
Love is generous and allowing.
Love offers the best we have to everyone.

It takes two to fight.
If you do not participate, there will be no fighting.
If you are forgiving, there will always be love.
If you remember to give what is needed, there will be no lack.
If you are appreciative and valuing, there will be no shame.
If you listen first to fully understand, there will be peace given.

To walk in the other guy's shoes requires a willingness to give up your position and righteousness.
When you fully understand, you will no longer be seen as adversary and your gifts will be received.
You are here to give your best to those who can open to receive the best you have.
You can help others to open fully to your warmth and love when you are safe and non-judging.
When you are consistently respectful, you become trustworthy.
Remember one day at a time.

If this sounds saintly, it is.
Life is for giving and you are the gift.
Only in giving the gift of yourself will you realize how unlimited in power and peace you are.

Loving you,
Betty Lue