Saturday, December 10, 2005

Attachment or Love?

We confuse attachment with love.
Attachment is concerned with my needs, my happiness, while love is an unselfish attitude, concerned with the needs and happiness of others....
A relationship free of unrealistic grasping is free of disappointment, conflict, jealousy, and other problems, and is the fertile ground for the growth of love and wisdom.
From Buddhist teachings.

Relationships simply show us where we are unhappy and unfulfilled.
Relationships bump the unhealed and unforgiven wounds of the past.
Relationships give us the opportunity to love ourselves in another.
Relationships are an obvious out-picturing of our relationship with Self.

When we focus on self cultivation and self knowledge, we stop expecting others to make us happy.

When we take responsibility for our own thoughts, words and actions, we cease judging others.
When we are honor our learning process and sacred life journey, we respect others' learning.
When we cease judging our whole life experience, we forgive our judgments of others choices.
When we love and respect our selves consistently, we are open to truly loving others unconditionally.

Our personal work is our real work.
Our inner garden requires a lifetime of care and cultivation.
Our inner enlightenment requires clearing the distortions of emotion and thought.
Our inner journey is our true path home.

Know thy Self.
Heal thy Self.
Take impeccable care of the One You Are.
You are the One You Seek to Love.
Listen consistently to your Authentic Self.

Loving you as I love me,
Betty Lue

In relationship coaching and counseling, I often am invited to respond to the issues of couples.
Criticism and blame is destructive. Self cultivation, healing and growth always is constructive.

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