Thursday, November 17, 2005


What makes me unique?
I am loving.
We all are loving.
I am creative.
We all are creative.
I see your Goodness.
When we know our own goodness, we see only Goodness in others.
I believe in the healing and creative power of Love.
We all can let go of our faith in fear and remember to trust in Love.
I forgive errors and choose again quickly.
Everyone can learn to erase what was and create what they want.
I prefer to be happy, so I choose not to linger in hurt, anger, regret and fear.
Everyone can forgive unhappy habits and create new habits of mind.
I give generously the best I have to everyone I encounter.
We all can learn that generosity begets increasing abundance.
I explore, experiment, learn and teach with curiosity, open-mindedness and wonder.
Humanity can relinquish judgment and caution, and choose to learn from everything.
I enjoy all my emotions and therefore am not attached or stuck.
We all can release our attachment to use emotions to get attention, sympathy or help.
I recognize upsets as calls for help and remembering to Love myself and others.
We each can remember to shine the light of greater awareness and forgive our judgments on any upset.
I flush the cosmic toilet easily and quickly, not allowing anyone or anything to harm me or get stuck.
We can learn to take nothing personally and to reach out with love to all.

I have chosen to play at life and enjoy all the relationships and life experiences I have along the way.
I take responsibility for my whole life and feel grateful this is so.
I do not limit my loving kindness and acceptance to those I like, but easily give to all.
I recognize that all I give is returned to me. The more I give, the more I have.
I enjoy being of service to those who call on me without regard to gaining approval or remuneration.
I learn from and with everyone.
I see and know the Divine is working in and through all I see.
I trust life is a gift to me for which I am grateful.
I recognize my worth in being without having to do or make or teach anything.
I value all life as gift of greater awareness, strengthening our capacity to let go and choose again for Love.
I love the work I do and see it all as fun, safe and easy.
I realize that only where I judge do I stress and see my life as work.
I accept myself and others as we are in the moment without getting stuck in judging, fixing or controlling.

Now that you know a little more about me….what about you?
How do you see your uniqueness?
Perhaps under all our history and illusions, we are all the same with no one unique and all equally loving.

Call me if you want to see your self healed and whole, good and just right the way you are. 800-919-2392

Loving you,
Betty Lue

I promise to love you no matter what costume you are wearing. Everyone deserves love and respect no matter what.