Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Myths, Beliefs, Wishes

What is real?
We make up the world we see.
We make up the meaning we give to everything.
We make up our minds.
We make up our bodies.
We make up our lives.
We make up our beliefs.
Life is make believe.

If you like the fantasy you have created, continue living it with enjoyment and gratitude.
If you do not like your life, forgive what you and others have made up about you and your life.
Start with a blank canvas and create the best you know for yourself right now.
Only you can make up what you experience in life.

If you believe you can do it alone, try again.
If you believe you need help, ask for Spiritual Guidance
If you choose to trust in others, listen to their counsel.
If you choose to loose yourself from the world's perspective, forgive it all.

When choosing for counsel and guidance, go to the highest Authority.
When you request another perspective. always invite the highest viewpoint.
When looking for a better way to live, ask from one who loves you and wants the best for you.
When calling for an extreme life makeover, consider going to the experts.

No one is victim, unless they are willing to be.
Nothing is hopeless, unless we give up.
Nothing is impossible, unless you believe it is.
What you conceive (think) and believe (have faith), you can achieve (experience and enjoy.)

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Lessons from my life. Yesterday walking the twins, I met two teachers.
The first was a bag lady (possibly homeless), looking a little disheveled and confused, taking a picture through a shop window of Christmas decorations. As she looked at the babies, I smiled at her. She responded with "Keep safe. It's crazy out there."

I met a lady dressed in brilliant purple and red yesterday outside the grocery store.
She was glowing with friendliness and radiating joy and gratitude.
She said to me for all the world to hear, "All it takes is to be grateful for every little thing. You receive rewards tenfold. I give thanks for all the Good and it just keeps coming."
As she left my side, "She said thanks for listening and God bless you."