Sunday, November 20, 2005

Minimize or Exaggerate?

To minimize what is, is to deny, distract and diminish the value of each moment.
To exaggerate is to intensify, embellish and make special the value of the moment.
Which shall it be?
Holding each moment and its message sacred in a consistent conscious way is my truth.

When I deny myself the opportunity to feel what is real, I may be afraid of Love and the call for Love.
When I project old fear-filled judgments on what is, I may need to magnify what is in order to notice.
Some of us walk away from pain, sorrow and strong feelings.
Some of us feed on the energy of self-pity, suffering and over-reaction.
Some merely acknowledge what is momentary and let go to experience the next moment renewed.

To gain perspective on life, forgive what is judged and see what is given.
Am I loved?
Am I loving?
Do I have food, clothing and shelter?
Do I have access to inspiration, support and loving kindness?
Am I willing to let go and allow change in my life?
Do I trust there is a Power and Presence that is guiding my life?
Am I willing to forgive the mistakes I and others have made?
Am I open to learning from what is given and received?
Can I see how my worth is not based on what I teach, make or do?
Do I recognize that I am here to be the Presence of Love?
Can I allow the renewing Spirit of Love to transform my life right now?
It is in fully loving, respecting and honoring myself that I made new again.

Today I see all I have with gratitude and love.
Today I give all I have with joy and freedom.
Today I make something beautiful of my life with my thoughts, words and deeds.
Today I love Who and Whose I AM.

Loving you,
Betty Lue
Take personally the words that speak to your heart.
Let go easily of all that is not inspirational and healing for you.