Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Who Are We?

Like ships passing in the night,
Flowing in and out of sight.
We may not know what's right,
but Love with all our might.

You and I are in this world as mirrors or mere reflections of one another.
When we fully see and know and love another, we are loving our whole and holy Self.
Where judge and separate from another, we have excluded a part of our One Self.
When we forgive our fear and withholding Love, we open to more wholly loving ourselves.

Life is a sacred journey, meeting those parts of the One Self that we may have resisted, feared, judged.
As we move through a sea of individuals, some close and some in passing, we heal and make Holy.

In you I see myself.
In you I find my wholeness.
In you, I know my holiness.
In you, I know Love.

There are no chance encounters.
Every relationship is an opportunity to return to Love.
All specialness, both good and bad, calls for holiness.
When I know my own holiness, I trust in yours as well.

You and I are not different.
We are on this earth together.
We are here to erase all separation.
We are here to heal and be healed.
As I remember my holiness and wholeness, I naturally remind you of yours.
Life is perceived as fun, safe and easy when I remember my true purpose.
I am here to remember Love and return to Wholeness.

So be it.
Betty Lue

Blessings to all those who keep flowing on this sacred journey.
I trust your willing to flow in and out of my life.
All is well, because we are.