Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Speak Up

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
-Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Know when to hold em. Know when to fold em. And know when to show em." Betty Lue

How can we know when it is time to be silent?
How can we know when it is time to surrender?
How can we know when it is the best time to express our Truth?

To show up, pay attention and tell the truth does not mean we are to dump our poison on others.
When you have strong feelings, the feeling themselves may be the message received.
There is value in calming oneself, value in gathering information, value in seeing through the other's lens.
When you care enough to give the very best, you will first be the very best in conscious communication.

In these times of cultural, political, familial differences emotions distort the underlying needs.
For the courageous, these are times to first find peace within to successfully manage the emergencies.
In an impassioned state the words and meaning are often misinterpreted.
From a neutral and non-judgment attitude, one can better find the way to be heard.

When I know what I have to say may hurt or offend another, I express myself silently.
When I am uncertainty about how to help or show I care, I ask spirit within me to show the way.
When I want to heal a schism and make amends, I honor the wishes of the other.
When I am being called to love, I am often guided to extend my Love anonymously.

To be political often helps to stir people into action.
To be impassioned can incite people to destructive behavior.
To be inspiring is to listen to inner inspiration and then act accordingly.
To be a positive influence, I must first heal and bind and separation, fear or judgment within me.

Life offers lots of opportunities to speak up rather than give up.
Holding the highest vision and intention with total commitment will always yield the highest outcome.
When fear causes us to withhold we are committed to self-protection and winning the approval of others.
When love inspires us to express, we are committed to serving and doing Good for All.

Set a high goal of Love and Peace for all.
Ask whether the other is open to receive.
Speak up with respect and kindness.
Invite the other to share their perception.
Receive what is received and given with gratitude.
Trust all is well.

And so it is,
Betty Lue