Monday, October 31, 2005


Whenever you feel unsupported, support yourself with Love and appreciation.
Whenever you feel unheard, hear yourself with attentive listening.
Whenever you feel discounted, count yourself with respect and dignity.
Whenever you feel unloved, love yourself with freedom and trust.

What you see and hear outside is the projection of what we believe or fear within.
What you experience in a world of change is the call for constancy and persistence.
What you get from this world is what you expect based on the myths of its teachings.
What you know usually comes from the external intrusion of human history.

When there is upset, there is a call for awareness and healing.
When there is confusion, there is a call for clarity and truth.
When there is hurt, there is a call for gentleness and forgiveness.
When there is judgment, there is a call for acceptance and respect.

Wherever there is a problem, it is up to the most conscious one to respond.
We are invited to trust all things work together for Good.
We are invited to remember Love and return to wholeness.
We are encouraged to show up, pay attention and tell our truth, letting go of the outcome.
We are supported in intending peace and understanding to be the result.
We are shown that what we give is received, so giving our best gives us the best result.
We are healed by remembering the wholeness of Love in all things.

Whenever anyone comes to me with a problem, upset, judgment and issue, I am grateful.
I value their trusting my Love enough to bring me the call for Love.
I respect their willingness to share their desire for healing and correction.
I admire their courage to speak up and ask for what they want.
I join with them in seeking peace and happiness for everyone.
I support them in affirming exactly what is wanted and needed.

When we are not in union, we are missing coming together.
When we are miscommunicating, somehow we are not on the same wave length.
I find that the written and spoken word is sometimes misheard, because of what is in our minds.
If we are expecting negativity, we may hear it even when not present in the speaker.
If we are anticipating resistance or upset, we may project it into the communication being heard.
If we are afraid of the communication, we may block out or distort the underlying meaning.
Therefore, when I am not hearing love, appreciation and open-mindedness, I invite clarification.
I am here to awaken us all to coming together in love.
Let it be so through everything I share, here and everywhere in thought, word and deed.

Loving you truly,
Betty Lue