Tuesday, October 11, 2005

It's Your Life

No matter how you look at it, from a victimized or creative perspective, it is still YOUR LIFE!

When you want something, don't just wish for it. Take the first step and do something positive.
When you feel down and troubled, don't just sit there. Get up and move, breathe, help someone.
When you are uncertain and doubting your choices, look for what you know is good and true.
When you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, get out of bed and work. Accomplish something.
When you cannot seem to make a decision, ask inside and listen. Write down everything you hear.
When your life seems to be off track and no working, make a list of everything you appreciate.
When you feel alone and like you don't belong, visit those in senior centers and nursing homes.
When you are caught in self-pity, write or call someone you know needs some encouraging words.
When you are fearful about what life may bring, go to a playground and swing really high.
When you have lost touch with someone special, write them a letter telling them how you feel.
When you have an old resentment hurting your heart, forgive and let go to heal and free yourself.
When you have lost touch with your curiosity and wonder, watch a baby play all day.
When you feel you are in financial trouble, imagine losing everything in earthquake or hurricane.
When you feel forsaken by God, forgive yourself for tuning out and tune into your heart. Listen.

It is your life.
Your life is your gift to you.

It is given to you without strings attached.
There is no competition and nothing to prove.
Your life is to be used by you in the way that rings true.
You have been given unlimited resources with which to create, to share, to squander, to expend, to lose, to suffer, to sacrifice, to expand, to store, to enjoy.
If you don't like what you have been doing with your life, forgive yourself and choose again.

Yes, it is that simple.
There is no one to please, except you.

If you are making yourself unhappy, scared and sad, forgive yourself and choose again.
If you are giving yourself fulfillment and enjoyment, appreciate yourself for honoring the gift of life.
If you have made mistakes, now is the time to change your direction.
If you have lost your way, now is the time to seek and find it again.
If you have wasted time and energy on self-pity, hating your childhood or yourself, stop and think kindly.
If you have considered suicide or depression, get your energy moving by giving yourself to others.
If you are feeling abandoned and rejected by others, now is the time to befriend and reassure yourself.

PS When you play the music of others just to belong, you sometimes forget you have your own song.
Only when you play life your true way, will true friends and companions join you.
To live falsely, just to get something from others, always leads to disappointment and disillusionment.

Life is for giving. You are the gift.
It is in fully giving the gift of yourself that you discover the value of the gift you are.
In wholeness, you need nothing else.
Betty Lue