Monday, October 03, 2005

Gratitude and Forgiveness: The Keys to Happiness

The autumn is a powerful time of letting go.
Letting go can be fun, safe and easy, when we forgive our judgments and experience gratitude.
Rich with letting go of summer, of old leaves and beliefs, of unfulfilled wishes for ourselves, we can release what no longer serves.
We can embrace the coming of the holidays and celebrate.
Or we can dread the coming of winter, the sadness of family brokenness, the loss of loved ones and be depressed.

To let go with resentment, hurts.
To let go with gratitude, blesses.

Being grateful for all life offers will bring the awareness of gifts, healing, learning and growth.
Being forgiving of ourselves and others opens the way to see the blessings and the feel the love.

When we remember to forgive, we heal.
When we remember to appreciate, we see the Goodness, Beauty and wholeness.

Choose to begin everyday forgiving everything and everyone including yourself.
Choose to end each day with gratitude for everything and everyone including yourself.

Life is offering us everything we need to remember Who and Whose we are.

Children of the Light, we bring the Light.
Children of Infinite Love, we offer endless Love.
Children of the Unlimited Creator, we are limitless in our creations.
Children of Omniscience and Omnipotence, we are wise and powerful.
Children of God, we create Goodness and Beauty.

Are you remembering or hiding?
Are you freeing or limiting?
Are you trusting or doubting?
Are you loving or afraid?
Are you choosing or losing?

Remember and Forgive your forgetting.
Remember to give and really live.

Devoted to Remembering,
Betty Lue