Thursday, October 06, 2005

Doubt or Trust?

When you doubt yourself, you teach others to doubt you.
When you doubt others, you teach them to doubt themselves.

When you trust yourself, you teach others to trust you.
When you trust yourself, you teach others to trust themselves.
When you trust others, your teach others to be trustworthy.

Doubt is a learned protection.
Doubt sets up a mental habit of not believing we can experience what we hope for.
Doubt is one foot on the brakes, saying it isn't possible.
Doubt diminishes our ability to hear our inner truth.
Doubt discourages, fatigues and distorts our perceptions.
Doubt sabotages our best efforts.
Doubt creates faulty evidence appearing real. (FEAR)
Doubt begets caution, demands and conditions on love.
Doubt is fear made to appear reasonable and rational.
Doubt is justified by making the past the creator of the present.
Doubt comes from mistakenly trusting in the changing world.
Doubt belies counting to the ego for guidance.
Doubt is the mental condition which assures lack of fulfillment.
Doubt is lack of forgiveness of ourselves and others.

I forgive my doubting mind.
I trust my inner voice.
I let go of believing in the world I see.
I learn to trust in the real world.
I am willing to let go of everything that is not real.
I am willing to let go and trust in Love.

Loving you,
Betty Lue