Monday, October 10, 2005


What you believe, you see.
What you perceive, you strengthen.
What you give attention to, you increase.
What you ignore, you extinguish.

Denial is a powerful protective device.
You can and should deny errors can harm you.
Forgiveness is a powerful healing device.
You can and should seek the gift in all things.

Gratitude expands what is valued.
Judgment gets us stuck with what we believe.
Erasing all judgment with forgiveness creates happiness and gratitude.
We can extinguish all errors with forgiveness.

To be grateful and happy gives the freedom to experience more happiness and gratitude.
The more we deny and forgive what we no longer want, the more freedom we have to choose again.
The more forgive our errors and hurts, the more space we have to create anew.
To begin anew is to have no judgments, a clear mind and a happy heart.

Be as a child.
Filled with wonder and delight.
Open and willing to receive all good.
Feeling full of love given and received with no separation.

I am loving you, new each day with the wonder of the Universe guiding my heart.
Betty Lue