Saturday, September 17, 2005


The full moon often tweaks areas of unconsciousness.
Good friends may tweak us with their honesty.
Life offer tweaks to help us pay attention and stay on course.
Loving relationships tweak our intention to give our best.

"I enjoy being tweaked."

Can you imagine what a difference that attitude could make in your life?
If you hate being "tweaked", you might feel pain, anger, guilt, fear and quit on the "tweaker".
If you love being "tweaked", you might see "tweakers" as teachers, true friends, and appreciate their reminders.

If life were totally comfortable without "tweaks", it is likely you would fall into unconsciousness.
Your contentment might lead you to take it all for granted, forget to be grateful and generous.

When you enjoy the wake-up calls, you receive their messages easily and gratefully.
When you invite honesty and authenticity, you value those words which fine tune your contributions.
When you include those in your circle who won't just agree with you, you expand your perceptions.
When you look through other's eyes at life, you begin to see as God might see.

Life is not about playing to win or be right.
Life is about enjoying the play while remembering to be loving and giving.
Life is not about resisting and avoiding the difficulties, but rather transforming them into strengths.
Life is about becoming a conscious and conscientious listener to your spiritual inner Voice.

Let's value tweaks and fully enjoy and contribute to a world of loving, laughing and letting go.

Loving you,
Betty Lue