Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Too Much and Too Many

"It is just too much!"
Too much work to do, too much junk mail, too many phone calls, too much spam, too much pollution, too many taxes, too many problems, too much traffic, too much to think about, too much food, too many pounds, too many bills, too much violence and too many words to read, you say.

Sounds like "abundance gone wild" to me.
Our culture often seems to want more.
And the more you want, the more you get.
The question may be what is the more you want.
If you want more stuff of this world, you get more stuff.
But with the stuff comes good stuff and bad stuff, whatever stuff happens to be circulating.
The fads and the ads support buying and having, displaying and wearing more stuff.
With more stuff is more cost and more care, more problems and worry, and a need for more.
An abundance of stuff often creates clutter, materialism, jealousy and envy, need and greed.

What if we valued an abundance of simplicity and ease?
What if we valued freedom and flow?
What if we valued short and sweet?
What if we valued true and loving?
What if we valued peace and harmony?
What if we valued beauty and order?
What if we valued just what we really need?

When I offer these Loving Reminders, this serving bowl of possibilities, you have the opportunity to take exactly what you need.
You need only take what you will eat which will benefit your health, happiness and life purpose.
When we are hungry for inspiration, we may over indulge and want to absorb every word.
When we fear getting depleted, we many hoard and save for the day we are needy.
When we can't be selective for fear we may miss something, we have to take it all and sort it out later.

Life is like these Loving Reminders.
A few of you have asked that I send them weekly and put you on a diet.
A few of you print them out and save them in a file (in a drawer or on computer.)
Some of you only read when you have time, because you are busy with urgent and important matters.
Some delete them easily.
Some fill your mailbox and then ask me to take you off my email list.

How do you handle the too much in your life?
I choose to keep only as much and as many as I can care for well.
I choose to value beauty, goodness, wholeness and the Highest Truth.
I choose to easily and gratefully, with forgiveness and blessing, release all that is not what I value.
I choose to let go of yesterday’s meal trusting it blessed me and others.
And then I can fully receive and share what is given me today.

My life becomes more simple.
With simplicity comes clarity.
With simplicity, clarity and gratitude comes peace.
I want peace. I choose peace. I give peace and I appreciate Peace.

Have some Peace, Please!
Betty Lue