Monday, September 19, 2005


How sensitive are you?
Some believe that is not good to be thin-skinned.
Some don't like being sensitive to too much sun.
Some judge those who cry or feel other's pain.
Some feel bad about being easily moved emotionally.
Some believe that as you grow up, you should be able to "handle things better."
Some believe that those on a spiritual path are less influenced by humanity’s suffering.

The more aware, the more one notices.
The more present, the more one sees.
The more open, the more one receives.
The more conscious, the more one hears.
The more available, the more one is asked.
The more loving, the more one is needed.
The more sensitive, the more one feels.
The more feeling, the more one cares.
The more one care, the more one responds.
The more one responds, the more one is truly helpful and healing.

I prefer to be aware and responsive.
I prefer to be sensitive and respectful of myself and others.
I prefer to be inspired and spiritual with a caring heart and a gentle mind.

If we all just numb out by witnessing so much violence, death and loss, who will care enough to respond?
If we all learn to protect ourselves and not feel with others, how will we heal our world?
If we don't notice the pollution and pain, it will increase and overcome us with darkness and despair.

The sensitive ones are bringers of Light and keepers of the flame.
We must be vigilant for God and Good and the intrinsic Goodness in the innocence of humanity.
We must foster and respect the tender-hearted and the sensitivity in men, women and children.
We must open our hearts and respond to the cries for hope and the calls for help.
We must, because we care.
We must, because we can.

Loving the sensitivity in YOU.
Betty Lue