Tuesday, September 13, 2005


You are the One Who forgets what is not Love.
You are the One Who remembers what is Love.
You are the Gift and the Giver.
You are the Teacher and the Teaching.
You are the Healer and the Healing.
You are the Light wherever you are.
You are Love that is needed now.
You are the Blessing and the Blessed.

When I am coaching and counseling, I am often asked, "Why am I the One?"
My answer, "Because You Are."

It is highly likely that in every relationship and situation,
You are the most conscious One.
You are the most willing One.
You are the most loving One.

Those reading these loving reminders are usually the most willing to be conscious and loving.
Yes, there are others, but the likelihood of them showing up in your life is not very great.
Light workers and Loving Reminders are sprinkled throughout humanity, so all can be touched.
You are a Holy Sprinkle, the salt of the Earth. (maybe even God's tenderizer.)
You volunteered, probably beyond your memory, to be Love and teach Love.
You accepted an assignment to play the part you are playing.
You said, "Yes", to this spiritual employment.
Your relationships are an opportunity to wakeup and remember.
Your career path is a place to love, serve and remember.
Your journey through this physical life is a time where you are called to listen within, teach and heal.

Who are You?
Why are You here?
What do you really want?
To remember and fulfill your Holy Purpose here?
What keeps you from remembering?
A world of distraction, disillusionment and despair can cloud your memory and contract your Vision?

Use these and all Loving Reminders to stay awake and accept your sacred assignment with Gratitude.
You are a gift to me and all who have eyes to see your Light and ears to hear your Love.

I am She Who Remembers.
I will never forget You.
I will never forsake You.
Betty Lue

Look beyond the body and you will see the Light.
This is the Light that shines in you.