Thursday, September 08, 2005

Media and Mental Focus

"As an engineer, I often look at situations statistically. Every day in this country
approximately 12,245 die of natural causes., but that's not news. Everyday, in
this country, approximately 150 people die in car accidents; but, that's not
news (if 150 people die in an airplane accident, its front page!) Everyday,
approximately 50 people in this country die of hand guns, but that's not news.
If we lose 3 soldiers in Iraq, that's news! Things like the plague of the
1300's, or the Romans crucifying 50,000 followers of Sparticus along the Appian
way have been going on for all of history. i prefer to believe that things are
actually better than they have ever been, but that's not news. It seems to me
that the "problem" is one of focus. This episode in the South is one of the
great catastrophies of our generation in this country, but pales to the flu
epidemic or 1918 (3,000,000 dead in America alone!) The way we focus on the
news today is the biggest part of the problem in my mind. The ongoing march of
history is normal - not always fun, but normal." RN

You actually are sound like my Dad who also was an engineer. And I agree.
The problem is one of media presentation, political response and the people's mental focus.
'What we focus on we increase. What we attend to, we expand with focused power and presence."
Each of us can send blame or blessings.
We can give money or fear.
We have an opportunity to support more responsive governmental policies or keep what is in place.
We can join with effective organizations to tend to the immediate needs of the people or watch a movie.
We can hope things will get better for the displaced half million people or join the building process.
We can be glad we are safe and comfortable and wish the best or we can send food and clothing.
Humanity will respond to humanity when we can see "that could be my family."

The response from the private sector seems to be improving steadily, as we have more resources of time, energy and money. Depending on our current economy and our global/national focus, governmental responses to the poor, sick, uneducated may be temporarily at a standstill or deteriorating or actually be more immediate than ever before. Delay, distraction and detours are not OK with those of us who are light workers, here to move humanity to greater awakening and responsibility. Normal is what normal is. But the extraordinary and miraculous is possible here and now.

We are the ones to awaken those who are sleeping, complacent and frankly too selfish to reach out to their brothers. When we complain about terrorism and fear those who do harm, we need to look at cause rather than kill the symptoms. The extraordinary is only possible for those who place their consciousness on the highest vision. There is a spiritual revolution , an awakening of humanity to the greater Good for all people. There are those who sound the alarm. There are those students who seek to learn. There are those teachers who are to give their best for the benefit of all.

When the classroom is viewed on a screen, students lose a sense of compassion for what appears to be a movie. In one sense the non-attachment can free us to see life in a clearer light with less drama. In another sense the detachment from the suffering of humanity from a media perspective can leave us separate, lost and confused about our place on this earth.

Each one of us has a response. Our response is our response-ability. What we give we receive. What give our brothers is what we want if the same were our plight. How we respond determines our experience. No matter how we are being influenced by statistics, media, the suffering and fear, or the love and compassion we feel, we are able to respond. The choices we make personally affect everyone on the planet.

Choosing to respond with love and kindness, appreciation and vision,
Betty Lue