Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Look Toward the Light

From a new reader, a college student, who called me "accidentally" when he was worried about his mother.
"Thank you so much for these loving reminders. I would highly appreciate a weekly reminder.
You are so right about the first quote "looking toward the dark, we see only the dark".
That is how I feel. How do you get over it? That is my problem".

My response:
Life is like exercising. To get strong we have to practice and workout regularly
Our minds become weak and lazy with lack of discipline.
To be willing to get over our lethargy and lack of motivation, we must be aware of what is not working.
We must be honest about our responsibility in the problem. And then we can choose what is best for us.
To develop a new habit of mind, we must commit to practice daily and even moment by moment.
When we forget, we must forgive ourselves and begin again with open-mindedness and appreciation.
It gets easier when you develop the habit of looking toward the light, even when others seem to be looking toward the dark side...

Affirmations work: Say and write them 10-20 times daily.
My mind easily lets go of everything that is not wholly true and wholly loving.
I now seek the Light and see the Light in All that Is.
I am willing to forgive my negativity, judgment and fear and see the gift, the blessing and the love.
I forgive myself for withholding the Love I Am and the Peace I have from anyone for any reason.
As I see Light and the Love, I radiate Light and the Love and give the world another possibility.
And when there is darkness, fear and despair, I am called to offer Light, Love and Hope, and this I do.

Life is for giving. We are the gifts. It is in giving ourselves that we realize the gifts we are.
The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love.
Now is the time and you are the One. No one else is here to give what is your to contribute.
Bless you and your willingness to fully be and freely give.

Loving us all as One,
Betty Lue