Friday, September 09, 2005

How Are You Loving You?

How love others, is predominantly determined by how you love you.

Do you know what keeps you healthy? Do you give yourself what you really need?
Do you know what keeps you happy? Are you willing to do whatever it takes?
Do you know what keeps you out of stress? Do you give yourself those conditions?
Do you know what to do when you are distressed? Are you willing to provide what brings comfort?
Do you accept your mistakes with good humor and learning?
Do you bless and appreciate who you are and all you do?
Do you go for the highest possibilities or accept compromises with complacency?
Do you speak up when you have something to say and value what is given?
Do you enjoy the rewards of life without attaching to greediness and envy?
Do you turn off the scary stuff and fill yourself with the inspiring stuff?
Do you smile at yourself both in the mirror and in your heart?
Do you enjoy you company and value the quiet inner times of reflection?
Do you make time to do what you love and truly love what you do?

Loving you is just as needed as loving others.
Saving you is just as important as saving your world.
Serving yourself is just as needed as serving everyone everywhere.

It all begins with me and you,
Betty Lue

I will hold your hand
when you need to remember how to love you!