Sunday, September 18, 2005


The choice to love leads to lasting happiness
Happiness built on dreams and hopes, myths and fantasies will be temporary.
Love based on conditions of fidelity, longevity and commitment may yield mixed results.
Anytime we count on another to fill our expectations, we are depending on the changeable personality.
Feelings change with the weather, hormones, physical health, the moon cycle, economics and a whim.
Those who depend on feelings and emotions will experience a roller coaster ride, unless numb.
Those who depend on the call of Spirit can experience the lasting commitment of Divine Love.

Difficult to understand for the ego who sees things as good and bad, romantic or passionless, abundant or lacking, freeing or limited, right or wrong. The Love of God or divine Love is eternal and endless.
This Unconditional Love does not end with change in form or function.
This Unconditional Love does not turn to hatred or resentment when disappointed or distracted.
This Unconditional Love does not turn to another lover or child because one misbehaves or leaves us.
This Unconditional Love, like the prodigal Son, sustains its love and faith, its hope and courage.

Total forgiveness is the human choice to clear away the barriers to the awareness of Love's Presence.
True forgiveness turns away from the apparent wrongs and seeks peace.
True forgiveness experiences the call to continue Loving, to reach out in Love and to extend Peace.
True forgiveness may receive the Light of understanding the mistakes made and the path chosen.
True forgiveness is the key to lasting happiness and inner peace.

To withhold love hurts the one withholding.
To limit love limits our happiness and inner joy.
To hold past resentment puts up a barrier to trust and freedom.
To remember what no longer is, as a defense against it happening again, recreates it in our minds.

To fully freely love clears the mind and opens the heart.
To fully and freely love lifts the Spirit and inspires our aliveness.
To fully and freely love opens the doors to full appreciation.
To fully and freely love invites in more Love and more delight.

The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love.
The ego may believe withholding Love protects us from being hurt again,
but withholding love keeps us from ever really loving and being loved again.

So let the past go.
Choose to fully trust in Love.
Choose to totally free your Love.
Choose to fully give and receive the Love.
And know total happiness. Now.

Happy in loving, because Love is Who I AM and Who You Really Are..
Betty Lue