Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Habits Undone

Are you in the habit of worrying?
Do you stress yourself about petty things?
Does your mind get stuck on meaningless matters?
Do you have habits that render you unconscious?
Are you in the habit of over spending, over eating, over doing?
Do your habits get you in trouble?
Do you have habits of eating, doing or thinking what does harm?

Wherever you have a negative habit, you can choose to undo it and change it.
Undoing lifetime habits may take longer than undoing a recent habit pattern.
Undoing habits requires a willingness to change.
Undoing negative habits takes practice and persistence.
Make up your mind that you can and will do what is best for you.
Give yourself permission to make mistakes.
Be patient and kind to yourself.
Remember, that the rewards of the familiar old habit may require rewards for doing something new.
Give yourself at least thirty days of conscious effort to change your mind and your choices.

Envision and imagine what your life will be without the negative habit.
(You can write down a list of the positive qualities you will experience.)
Determine your level of desire, motivation and need to make the change.
State your confidence in yourself to ask for and receive help from Higher Power.
(Make a statement of your desire, confidence and commitment.)
I trust that the positive changes I am making in my life are guided and supported by the Highest Good.
I believe that I am meant to be the best I can be.
I choose to make these changes to benefit myself and everyone I encounter.
Listen, whenever tempted, to the spiritual answer…"What is for my Highest Good right Now?"
Commit to take the high road and let Love for yourself, your creator and your calling lead the way.
Do whatever it takes to stay on path.
Be grateful for whatever steps, small or large, that you accomplish.

Guilt does not work.
Criticism does not work.
Negative reinforcement only holds negativity and failure in your mind really want.

Life is a process of pruning away what is not truly helpful or healthy or healing for you.
Life is a journey, exploring many possibilities, to find what is highest and best for you.
Life is an opportunity to experiment with undoing whatever is not true and loving for you.
Life is the canvas on which we become the master creator of what is good and beautiful and holy.
Begin now.

Loving you and me in all our creations, mis-creation and recreation.
We are learning to create only love with only love.
Betty Lue