Thursday, September 15, 2005

Fear Interferes

Fear contracts.
Fear lies.
Fear distracts.
Fear separates.
Fear judges.
Fear withholds.
Fear blames.
Fear limits.
Fear doubt.
Fear quits.

Fear distorts what we know and feel.
Fear creates what appears real.
Fear is "false expectations appearing real".
Fear is judging and then seeing what you judge.
Fear is the ego's tool to gain control.
Fear is forgetting the Love within.
Fear is believing there is a Power greater than Love.
Fear is humanity's excuse for not fully Being.
Fear is a myth that is passed on through generations.
Fear is the enemy of the conscious mind.
Fear is the temporary absence of Light and De Light.
Fear is an invitation to remember Love.
Fear is an opportunity to strengthen your faith.
Fear is a call to listen within.
Fear is what keeps us stuck in limitation and lack.
Fear is the excuse for war, hatred, violence, and ignorance.
Fear is nothing but a habit of choosing to be a victim.

Letting go of fear is fun, safe and easy.
I erase past fearful beliefs and stories.

I now choose to remember only what is true and loving.

Remembering Love,
Betty Lue

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