Monday, August 29, 2005

Patience Pays Off

How long do you endure?
How long do you persist?
How long do you keep on doing what you are called to do?

There are many who believe that success comes to those who continue to do what they are called to do.
There are some who believe that life is about endurance and patience.
There are those who just keep on doing what they always have done because they are comfortable.

To be able to communicate with you again via email and these Loving Reminders, Robert has spent 12+ hours and several trips to the store for hardware and has been on the phone help-lines for over 8 hours. Just when we thought it was fixed with new airports and an extension, it stopped right after sending you my last Reminder. And I just spent about 4 hours weeding out bad email addresses which prevented me from sending out messages to several different groups. So now we are back on line with a few more bugs to work out.

Love is worth waiting and working for.
I am committed to never quit on Love.
I recognize that I may not like the process, but I will do whatever it takes.
I realize that Love is patient and kind, and often strong and enduring.
I believe life offers us many opportunities to quit, to take the easy way.
I see many places where people quit too soon or just don't know other ways to love.
I know you may need to take a break and restore your energy and commitment to love.
Changing my mind and appreciating the process makes it all easier.
Letting go of any judgments I have regarding how long or how difficult makes any task more fun.
Allowing myself to believe only that it can and will be done is always supportive and encouraging.
Being peaceful with the steps along the way makes the energy flow toward the highest outcome.

Life is a fantastic teacher.
Every situation is an opportunity to see what and how I am practicing what I teach.
I know I am responsible fully for the experience I am having, so I can look at my thoughts and words and actions without blame or guilt and see it all with curiosity.

Look at life to see what conscious or unconscious choices are really underlying your experiences.
Betty Lue
I am here for you with open-mindedness and full appreciation. 800-919-2392.

For those who love to see what my life looks like. This is a little family birthday luncheon with great grandmas and babies.