Tuesday, August 16, 2005

My Birth Day

Celebrating a birthday is what you make it up to be for you.
Make sure you clarify exactly what you want or don't want.
Create it with the help of those who are happy to support you in having it all be just right for you.
Be specific and if you are picky, do it yourself.
If you want surprises, ask for them.
If you want no surprises, as for them.
If you want a party, make it.
If you want a special present, ask the most willing person to get or make exactly what you want.
Don't ruin your birthday by complaining about what didn't happen.
Appreciate every gift and remembrance.
When you expect to be disappointed, you will be.
When you know you are loved, you will be.

How old am I?
I knew you wouldn't ask.
Chronologically I am 63 years old, born 8/16/42 at 11:07 PM, Aries/Taurus rising, Leo sun and Libra moon, INFP and Enneagram 7, Emperor Fool in symbology, 8-7-7-22/0
Physiologically, I am 45 years, healthy, strong and fully of vitality, working joyfully 12-16 hours/day.
Psychologically, I am 18 years old….still innocent and trusting, enthusiastic and creative, alive with possibilities and no fear. I dream wonderful dreams and let them come true.
Spiritually I am ageless, connecting with and sharing ancient wisdom with practical application today.

How old are you really?
Is this your choice or have you fallen into the cultural myths of "acting your age" and "feeling your age?
Are you aware time is an illusion, a man made construct, a paradigm of relativity, so we can learn and grow from our relationships and creative experiences?
This earthly journey is really an opportunity to explore working and playing, enjoying or complaining, creating or destroying, living or dying, as much as we are consciously aware and at choice.

My life has been filled with a wide variety of experiences which some would judge to be both bad and good, difficult and easy, scary and safe, fun and not funny at all. When I realize my responsibility and fully own them all, I can see I have chosen diversity not stuckness, challenge not comfort, learning and growth, not stagnation, helpfulness and not harmfulness. I love this life I have and I freely share it with all those who choose to join me along the way. I easily let go and bless everyone as they choose for their own unique path and appreciate those who trust and free my choices. I am alive, in love and blessed by all I have and do and am.

Loving you with gratitude and respect,
Betty Lue