Monday, August 01, 2005


What fills you with energy?
What lifts your Spirit?
What brings you joy?
What makes your heart sing?
What speaks to your soul?
What moves you to tears?
What makes you laugh out loud?
What gives you hope?
What is the sunshine in your life?
What brings you the feeling of deep and profound love?
What opens your eyes to the sacredness of life?
What reminds you that you are really super important?
What encourages you to go for your dreams?
What helps you notice how precious you are?
What offers you what you really want?
What invites you to forget about everything but this?

Your inspiration is what matters to me.
It is why I came.
It is the reason for my being.
It is the essence of my soul.
I drink from inspiring and being inspired.
I remember who I am and remind you, too.
I know that I am here to inspire and be inspired.
So I write. I teach. I reach out. I smile. I laugh. I encourage.
I remind. I breathe. I pray. I give thanks. I awaken.
I give hope. I trust. I speak. I ask. I listen. I remember. I am.

Why are you here?
There is some very important and essential reason you are here in a body at this time.
If you are not moved and inspired and loving your life, it is perhaps because you do not remember.

I am here to awaken you to remember.
I am here to coach, listen, encourage and remind you.
I am committed to forever loving and inspiring YOU!

Betty Lue