Thursday, August 04, 2005

How do I write these?

Yes, I sit down at the keyboard and listen. Sometimes with a question or a situation in mind, and sometimes with a concept or idea which came in the shower or in dreamtimes, and sometimes, as today, with an empty mind. I wait for only milliseconds, because the line is open and receptive.
I am willing and able.
I can and know I can receive inspiration and messages for the Highest Good.
This work is holy work.
This work is healing work.
The is work is helpful work and I am willing.
I trust what I receive will be used for the good of All.

It matters not, if one line is all that is read.
It matters not, if there is nothing but the title line Loving Reminders from out of the B'Lue.
It matters not, because all of the Love I Am and have and receive and give is here.
It matters only that I am happy and willing to learn, to receive to be present.
These gifts of insight, awareness, love and wisdom are always a gift to me and through me to all of humanity. And the same is true for you,,,,everyone of you. There is nothing special here, except my willingness to fully and consistently be the one I Am and to offer you freely what I receive.

When I give you these, I expect nothing in return for I have receive fully the gift I am giving. When I put together my books of these loving reminders, I request only the money which it costs to self publish them. When there is no money available from a person or organization, I ask for nothing, but that they be given and used, not stored away. I know that to commercialize what is of and for the Good of All is to make this gift less. I somehow take away from its intrinsic value and the messages I am here to share.

The messages from God are free for you and me.
The love of God is free for you and me.
The wisdom and guidance of God are free for you and me.
There are no financial barriers to receiving all Good.
There are no boundaries or religious beliefs needed to receive the gifts of God.
There are no tests to pass or good life to be lived to receive the gifts from God.
There is only the willingness of the receiver to happily receive and learn to live what is given.

There are many messages that are given everyday that are not heard because of the unwillingness of the receiver. There is much that the God of Abundance, Truth and Healing is giving to you that you may have not received due to your belief in unworthiness, your fear of what changes will be required, or the messages that may not be what your ego wants.

So consider this: an experiment in listening. Give your self a daily appointment with your listening chair. Take a pad of paper and pen and sit five minutes daily. Write down whatever comes to mind and breathe. If you have questions, write them. If you hear or feel or see answers, write them. If you feel a breeze of warmth or kiss, write it down. If you hear a word in your mind, make note of it. Write down your doubts and concerns. And then listen. When you are done with your listening session, read back what you have written and note what feels like Love and what feels like your personality. You will quickly discern the difference. Patience is the key. Expect to be spoken to in the language you are most willing and able to receive. Ask me, if you have questions or send me your guidance and I will share with you. Remember, if this pipeline has been unused for a lifetime or two, it may be crusty and need to be cleaned out by opening the flow and letting it run.

Loving you in listening within,
Betty Lue

This took about 10 minutes to write, with no editing.
I may check the spelling. Often as you know I do not! :)
Off to my ashram.......the twins house for the day.
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God always gives me the time I need to be with you.
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