Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Family Healing

Who is your family?
It may be your original blood relatives including parents and siblings.
Or it may be a church family or your friends and their families.
It may be those you work with or participate with in some voluntary activities or sports.
You may have abandoned your childhood family and have built a new one.
You may be trying to heal what was wounded and feel regret or pain and blame.
You may avoid family affairs or stay away from certain members of your "family".
Whatever your circumstance, you probably see the healing needs within your family.

What is family for you?
Why do we need families?
What were your family's values?
What is your value for family now?
How do we heal our family?
How do we love our family?
How can we forgive our family?
How do we support our family?
How do we give to our family?

For many who still wait for their parents to do the work, they may continue feeling lost and disappointment, anger and pain.
For those who were taught parents know best, you may be still waiting for your parents to grow up and learn to love.
For those who expect someone else to do the forgiving and make amends, you may wait more than a lifetime.
For those who think there is something wrong with you because you never fit in your family, you may want to respect yourself and look again for how to love.

We are here to heal all our relationships.
We are here to forgive and remember to love everyone.
We are here to give, not wait to receive first.
We are here to teach by example.
We are here to build on the strengths of others, not find fault.
We are here to bring joy and peace, not anger and unhappiness.
We are here to end the war, not keep creating it.
We are here to reach out in kindness, not withdrawn in fear and avoidance.
We are here to make everyone matter and part of our family of the heart.
We are here to value and appreciate everyone for doing their best.
We are here to make a difference, show respect and be truly helpful.

"You are my family. You are a part of me. You see what we can be when we're in love."
Lytingale's song.
I love you and me together building the family of all beings.
Betty Lue

Remember to take nothing others do personally.
Remember to always give your very best.
Remember to keep your soul's agreements.
Remember to remember only Love.
After all, it is between You and your Creator anyway.

I am off line for four days, returning on Sept. 2, traveling to Visalia with Robert and my mother-in-law to visit relatives and then onto "the Glory of Creation" at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, CA. You can always reach me by cell 925-324-2409 or 800-919-2392.