Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Lighthouse Keepers

We are keepers of the Light.
We are reminders of the Love.
We are the ones who have chosen to be here during the good times and the bad.
We chose to keep the light burning during stormy days, when everyone hides inside.
We rise to the need to keep the world awake, when they may be lulled asleep or unaware.

We are called to keep the light blazing even more brightly, when the world seems dark and dangerous.
We are called to believe when others doubt and question.
We are called to seek and see the Good, when others defend against Evil.
We are called to give our best, when others conserve what they have.
We are called to live what we teach when others may be wishing to live.
We are called to love unconditionally, when other recommend that we withhold our Love.
We are inviting our world to remember the light and to extend the love, especially now.

If you are keeper of the Light, how do you care for your Light?
If you are a reminder of Love, how do you remember to love and support you?
How does the keeper of the flame fulfill his function?
Prepared for the times of scarcity, he sustains the light with vision, faith and respect for his role.

When we are lost in the fog of unconsciousness and fear, we may lose our way.
If we are responsible for being the keeper of the Light of Spirit and the Love of Creator, we stay awake.
If we know the world needs us in stormy times, we gather our energy and courage and do the work.
If we honor our function and stay true to our calling, we keep the flame alive and the love extended.

We must stay committed and connected to Source, the generator of hope, faith and Love.
We must stay plugged in and rely on the Eternal Source of Light and Love rather than the worlds' energy.
We must make time to renew my own spirit before trying to keep up with the demands of humanity.
We must learn fill our Spirit with what is needed to be given and remembered in the world.
We must take impeccable care of the Light and Love in ourselves and our inner sanctuary.

To leave Source, to live in the world, to try to get what we need from a limted is foolish .
To abandon our connection with the infinite for the temporary pleasures of the world is depleting.
To forsake our Union with the Eternal Love will render us lonely and needy.
To believe leaving our spiritual wedding for a marriage with human limitations is silly.

The single relationship upon which we can depend for all things good and whole and loving is within.
The single dependency which will benefit us always is our Higher Power.
The single devotion to One Who is all loving, all powerful and all present is on the Divine.
However we name or claim our heritage, from which we have come, we are here to remember this certainty in a temporary and limited and inconsistent world.

Trusting in the remembering,
Betty Lue