Friday, July 15, 2005

How Do You Love?

Some love by saying affirming words.
Some love by doing kind deeds or acts of service.
Some love by buying gifts.
Some love by spending time.
Some love by giving hugs and kisses.

We all love differently often according to how we feel most loved by others.
How we feel loved is usually determined by the most profound love we experienced as a child.
If we were gently touched and had someone hold our gaze, this may be our preferred form of "loving".
If we were provided for, supported and encouraged, we may love by offering the same to a loved one.

And when we want to be loved, we may look for and even expect our preferred form.
And of course, the one demonstrating their love for us is giving their preferred form to us.
Often the love given is not received, because we are looking for our preferred form or demonstration of Love.
If the one loving us has no experience with being loved, they may flounder and fail at loving us well.

Human "loving" is just this complex, awkward and difficult.
I prefer to trust that everyone is created by Love for the purpose of Loving.
Simply by Being, they are loving.
The withholding of Love is simply forgetting and/or withholding our true nature.

If I am attached to someone loving me a certain way, I will probably be disappointed part of the time.
If I need to have my loving relationships be consistent, steadfast and always giving, I will get hurt.
If I want to receive what I give, I can only count on getting what I am giving.
Everyone has difficult times of illness, depression, sadness and fear, where love is withheld.

I cannot count on being "loved" consistently, if I am looking for "proof" of being loved.
I can count on being loved consistently, when I am loving myself unconditionally.
I can count on being loved always, when I trust my Creator and Source always loves me.
I can count on being loved, when I am willing to remember to look beneath the personality and see the Essence of Love in everyone.
(Everything relationship is either Love or the call for Love.)

Affirmations for you:
I know I am loved.
I know I am loving.

I now choose to see my world and everyone in it as loving.

I now believe that wherever I see lack of love, there is a call for remembering Love.

I know I am loved for doing nothing.

I trust I am blessed by the love of everyone everywhere.

I realize that my love extends to all humanity without cause, expectation or specialness.

I am loving you, because I am fully and freely loving me and freeing all blocks to Love.
Betty Lue

“This is how I am loving the Light in You, the Essence of You!”