Friday, July 22, 2005

Honored, Delighted and Awed

The Buddha Prays
We are given gifts of pure Love.
We are blessed with bundles of Joy.
We are honored with packages of potential.
Each one comes to us with its own journey and destination.
Each one is offered from the Perfection of Creation.

How do we treat the children we bear?
How do we respond to their poops and their tears?
What do we sing to their amazing delight?
How do we greet them in the middle of the night?

If you could know, this one a healer, a teacher, a friend,
If you would believe that their Love never ends,
If you would soak up the sunshine they freely share,
If you would respect, appreciate and never compare.

Somehow we offer them our world of worry and thought.
Somehow we give them messages that we are their boss.
Somehow we teach them what we want to forgive and forget.
Somehow we reach them with our judgment and regrets.

Next time you are near to someone so precious,
Next time you pass by One who holds Infinite Love.
Next time you speak to a Child filled with Light.
Next time, give your blessing and make it all Right.

You see, as you honor the holiness in just One.
You have seen in the world, the Father and Son.
You will remember what lives in you in the Still of the night
As you teach all to be awed by these bundles of delight.

Parenting, grand-parenting, blessing, holding, teaching and just smiling at these Holy Ones, our children, is an honor and a blessing to our world.
Just One remembering what is true joins with their minds, so they never forget.
In a world of remembering we will all awaken and be healed.

It is my sacred privilege to be blessed by the Presence of Lila, Harper, Gia and all the innocent ones on this planet. They are our daily Loving Reminders.

Let us not teach them of the world,
But learn from them how to be creative with Joy and share wisdom with Love.

Bless all the children and the innocence within each One of us,
Betty Lue