Saturday, July 23, 2005

Blessed and Willing

How am I blessed by my awesome life of loving, learning and letting go?
How does one fully recognize and receive the Good and Abundant Life?
How do we find and live on purpose appreciating the richness with healing and everyday miracles of joy?
I am blessed and so are you.
I am willing and you can be, too.

I have asked myself and been asked by others," How can you be so fortunate?"

When the twin babies (granddaughters, Lila and Harper), were born, I was happy, busy, creative and providing for my family.
I was focused on my coaching and counseling practice, writing daily, editing publishing my next books, making videos for distribution, offering workshops and retreats both locally and in several states, creating a web site, teaching and spending 15-20 hours/week with Gia at her home and in her classroom.
In our home, I am responsible for providing our daily living expenses, planning and scheduling, travel arrangements, food preparation and home chores, as well as all the activities and administration of Reunion Ministries and Creative Solutions. My life is good, abundant and pregnant with possibilities.

So when I was driving one early morning at 4AM to Gia's home, one hour north of us in Petaluma, a few days after the twin babies arrived, I enjoying, appreciating and smiling on my daughter's new family.
I asked in my heart what we were to offer her. And I heard "Offer her two days a week."
So I went home and shared with Robert.
We are to offer Hilarie and the babies two days/week when she returns to work in the fall.
And he joined with me in saying "Yes." Since the babies were born we are spending 2 or 3 mornings/week with the babies and their Mom now. It will become two fully days in the fall, with an offer to sub or help when there are extraordinary needs. My life continues to be good, abundant and pregnant with possibilities. This summer is dedicated to completing some home, creative and inspired projects, as well as planning for the fall offerings. I have simply reorganized my schedule. I find ways to simplify and be even more efficient.
I give my time, resources and energy to what are my highest Values and priorities and all Good is the outcome.

The choices I make are directed by inner guidance.
The advice I listen to comes from the Highest Wisdom I know.
The Love and wisdom I receive is given to my world comes from the Source within.
The Light and Joy I share has no limit, no condition and no end.

I know listening and following with no fear or hesitation, no judgment or need to understand has been a Godsend to me. Listening and honoring the Voice of God, teaches me and reaches my heart with clarity, compassion and forgiveness for all. I feel loved, blessed and totally provided for simply by listening and following, plus freely sharing all I am given. This is the source of my Abundance, my Peace, my Joy.

Listen within and Trust,
Betty Lue