Friday, April 08, 2005


Taking time to imagine is one of the keys to creating the good life you want.
Being proactive and visioning what you choose to experience each day is our opportunity to create.
Children who play make believe are imagining their life as a grownup.
Psychics and prophets who describe the future are making it so in their minds.
As we share our visions we invite others to join us in their creation.
As we withhold our dreams we invite their dissolution in our forgetting.
To write what you see and hear within is one way of choosing to retain its memory.
As we revisit our high visioning we empower it and increase its potency.
It is valuable to undo, forgive, erase and let go of imaginings that are not wanted.
It is valuable to accept, affirm and appreciate those visions which are your heart’s desire.
We place energy, focus, direction and call for universal support in what we dare to dream.

On a regular basis I redesign my life.
I reassess what is wanted and what I have.
I appreciate and encourage more of what I value.
I bless and gently let go of what I no longer choose.
I make not of my priorities.
Do I choose simplicity and peace or diversity and joy.
Often the dreams are paradoxical and need to be harmonized or prioritized.

Our lives are a reflection of what we have envisioned and valued.
Our lives demonstrate where we have placed our attention and energy.
Our lives are a projection of where we have evpended time, money and energy.
Our lives are in invitation to value, let go and choose again.
Our lives are our creation in a very accurate and real way.
Our lives are often unconsciously chosen to wake us up to be more conscious in our choices.

We are more powerful than we know in a world which reflects our imagination and dreaming.
Dream well and dream wellness.
Dream happily and dream happiness.
Dream sufficiency of time, money, energy, creativity and love.
Dream awakening, goodness and mercy for all including yourself.

I love realizing I am the realization of all I dream and envision for myself.
Realizing how wonderful you are and how good life is,
Betty Lue