Saturday, April 16, 2005

Giving Creates

Giving expands what we have so that all have more.
Giving creates more of what we give.

Getting diminishes so that all have less.
Getting confirms that we have not enough, so we continue to manifest and experience of insufficiency.
We never have enough of what is not valued and shared.

When we experience the gifts of Joy and Peace, our birthright from Spirit, our lives become a gift to everyone who receives from us.
We represent Joy and Peace.
We extend Joy and Peace.
We love and serve from the limitless flow of Joy and Peace.
Our unlimited giving creates Joy and Peace.
To be in the Presence of someone flowing the Joy and Peace of our Creator is to feel Holy Presence.
We can resist receiving these gifts and limit our experience, shutting down the flow of life itself.
Or we can gratefully receive what is available to all beings without needing to prove ourselves worthy.
Giving Joy and Peace to others creates a world in which we want to live and give and have our being.
Joy and Peace are the gifts of unconditional Love.
Joy and Peace come naturally to us when we feel safe and loved.
Joy and Peace are shared easily with those around us when we have received our Divine inheritance.
Joy and Peace heal.
Joy and Peace awaken.
Joy and Peace create.
Joy and Peace are unlimited gifts of all powerful, all present and all-knowing Divine Love.

Remember to gratefully receive what you value.
Remember to let go of what no longer serves you.

Giving generates more of what is given.

Giving you the highest and best I know,
Betty Lue