Friday, April 15, 2005

Contribute with Gratitude

Where you spend money, spend it with positive regard and respect.
Where you make contribution, give to what has value to you.
When you pay taxes, affirm the highest and best use of your money.
Wherever we give, we can empower and proclaim the value of our energy expenditure.

How often do you write checks with resistance?
How much do you spend money and feel guilty?
How many times have you made negative comments about the cost of things?
Wherever we are negative in attitude, we do not receive the full benefit of our expenditure.

It is important that we give with love to what we love, to fully benefit energetically.
It is important to bless the food we eat to fully receive the nourishment.
It is important to set the highest goals for each interaction, to create the highest experience for all.
It is important to pay our taxes with gratitude to empower our impact on the decision-making process.

Where we hate, we negate.
Where we appreciate, we increase (appreciate) the value both given and received.
Where we hold regret, we deplete our energy.
Where we hold value, we bless and benefit.

The attitude with which we give determines the benefit of the contribution for giver and receiver.

Giving all with open heart and mind,
Betty Lue