Thursday, March 24, 2005

Who Are You Really?

Your authentic self is waiting for your discovery.
Your real self cannot fully emerge until you are willing to love your whole self.
The inner child in you withdraws from the pain of your judgment and criticism.
You are meant to be the loving nurturer and caring guardian of your life.

How can you truly love and care for the One you do not know?
How can you be an open-hearted listener, when you have so many opinions?
How can you free yourself to be yourself, when you are guided by other's approval?
How can your value your differences, when you judge others’ unique personalities?

Uncovering your essential self is like digging in a diamond mine.
You will find the most precious multi-faceted jewel that is one-of-a-kind.
Your painful emotions are merely the energetic withholding of your true self.
Your freedom and trust is the emergence of what is whole and good and beautiful in you.

If everyone on the planet were fully and freely expressing their essence, we would all be in joy.
If everyone you knew was honoring their own differences, we would no longer fear or judge others.
If all of us perceived ourselves whole and holy, we would live freely sharing and caring and at peace.
If we lived in integrity contributing our gifts, the world would be free of lack, littleness and limitation.

You see, you have a mission here.
You have unique gifts to be given.
You have a special place in the Universe.
Without you, we all are incomplete.

I want to see you, know you and love you, as I see and know and love me.
I want to free you to be you and know it is safe, fun and easy.
I want to give you the space and the tools to learn you are wholly loveable and capable.
I want to encourage you to live the good life fully enjoying the gifts of your Presence.

Loving you with all my heart,
Betty Lue

Personal whole life coaching with me provides opportunities for your expanded self knowledge and appreciation.
Also, my summer programs offer a small group experience of learning to love yourself and others by understanding and honoring differences. Call me for more information 800-919-2392 or send me an email.