Wednesday, March 23, 2005

What Is

"The key, during both life and death, is to recognize illusions as illusions, projections as projections, and fantasies as fantasies.
In this way we become free." Buddhist teaching.

If our beliefs shape what we see, then our beliefs are creating our reality.
What would your life be without beliefs?
Empty of meaning and devoid of inspiration?
What would your dreams be if your had no hope or vision?

If we are to influence our future, create our experience and open to possibility, there must be belief.
Why not choose what you believe?

To believe in nothing is to create nothing, dream nothing, and experience nothing.
To believe in evil is to see evil, fuel evil and experience evil.
To believe in good is to see good, affirm good, create and experience good.

We are free to believe.
Plow under the field in which you believe what you don't want to experience.
Let go of the myths, fantasies and stories you retell about what scares you, angers you and diminishes you.
Plant seeds of belief in what inspires you, encourages you and leads you to what enlivens and energizes you.

We are choosers in what we believe.
We can choose to disavow that which we prefer to extinguish and eradicate from our consciousness and our experience.

Some say we must see it to clear it from our world......
I prefer to shine a light on the darkness and see it gone.
I prefer to notice that darkness is the absence of enlightenment.
I prefer to recognize that fear keeps me from clearing my lack of love.
I prefer to own that I am the chooser, creating my experience with my beliefs.
I prefer to take responsibility for the world I see by responding to the world differently.
I prefer to be strong in my faith that all things can be healed with Love.
I prefer to trust in this learning laboratory which is a temporary experience of trial and error to discover "What works".
I notice when I "do the work", my life works.

Loving the “work” I do,
Betty Lue