Thursday, March 31, 2005

Time to Rest

Did you ever notice that we are put on notice, when it is time to rest?

Sometimes my schedule of responsibilities and agreements surprises me with its continuous requirements.
I love to be fulfilled with my work. I take pretty good care of myself, most of the time. But what happens when someone really needs me. Just one more surprising need and it may be the last straw. So my body says. "Quit now." I listen and go to bed for 36 hours and then am recharged." Yes, the world goes on. Everything that needs to be done gets done. I get my respite and all is well. When I in charge of my schedule and can see what hours to counsel, coach, teach and write, all flows easily, as I schedule my time for self care. But then there are family needs calling at unexpected times, which I cannot plan for ahead of time. I see this as life. So now I see how valuable it is to have extra time for unexpected events…You know what happens to extra time…it gets used by unexpected events. I have learned over the years to plan for easy flow, no problems and plenty of time for everything. Then I usually experience exactly what I expect...easy flow and no problems. Except when there is an exception.

I use my "down" time to reflect, clear my mind with breathing and forgiveness.
I appreciate the good life I have.
I acknowledge where I have not taken impeccable care of myself and make renewed commitments.
I celebrate how quickly I recover and value the reminders.
I treat myself with great kindness, love and sensitivity.
I listen to my needs and respond by fine-tuning my self love.
What we call illness or dis-ease is just that, lack of peace and balance reflected in the body/mind/spirit.
I totally love and support myself to be the best I can be at all times.
I love myself no matter what apparent state I am in.
I know I make mistakes and I am eager to learn from them.
I love my learning, exploring process in life and trust it is all for the Good of All.

I am on the mend after a brief bout of cold, cough and sinus headache. I am alive alert and enthusiastic.
Gia has been with us this week (Easter vacation). The next two or three days we are cleaning house and setting up the nursery for the twin girls due to arrive in the next month. My daughter was just in the hospital for a week closely watching one baby's liquid levels. Hilarie will be on bed rest, until the babies are born, so Grandpa, Gia and I will be entertainment and cleaning crew, setting up cribs, putting together changing table and dresser, washing and sorting all the baby clothes. Gosh I haven't done this in 36 years!

Life is an amazing adventure and joy. Be prepared.
I am, I have been and I will be on call for God and the Good of all.

I am your faithful friend and loving reminder,
Betty Lue