Sunday, December 19, 2004

Holiday Stress and Sadness or Serenity and Joy?

Isn’t it ironic that this holiday has become a point of stress and sorrow for so many?
Often when we seek for peace, we find the places of chaos in our life.
When we seek for love, we find what we fear about being so intimate.
When se seek for joy, we discover where we are grieving or disappointed.
When we want to celebrate a wonderful cultural, religious and family holiday,
we may remember the headaches and heaviness associated with the ghosts of Christmas past.

This is the perfect way to discover what our real work is.
Rather than trying to get something we already have,
It is our function to forgive, erase and release obstacles in the way.
Rather than figuring out how to be loving, joyful and peaceful, our real work is to forgive, undo and let go of what no longer is.
Life is about letting go…..not accumulating.
Love is about forgiving what isn’t love, not about finding Love.
Joy is about releasing sorrow, not about making ourselves happy.
Peace is about de-cluttering the chaos and conflict from our minds and our lives.

Once again, our end of the year process is really about letting go.
Release what no longer brings joy.
Let go of stuff you don’t need.
Give it to those who need and want it.
Let go of what disturbs and distracts you.
Stop reading and watching what upsets you.
Undo the memories of hurt and pain by forgiving again and again.
The past cannot bring you protection.
It actually promotes more of the same.
And undo obligatory and dutiful wining and dining.
Only what is given from the heart will bless and benefit both giver and receiver.
Ask yourself if you would rather spend money on stuff which is meaningless or spend time on what is meaningful and loving.
You can choose to send a love letter or give a gift of service and quality time.
You can acknowledge that this year you want to give your money to a good cause rather than buy more stuff.
You can love everyone by loving yourself just a little more consciously than ever before.

Your gift of serenity and peace of mind radiates around the world.
Your gift of healing past loss, woundedness and forgiving painful memories blesses everyone.
Your gift of loving open-mindedness and appeciation will inspire those you know.
Your gift of good will and generosity of Spirit will bless your self and your family.

You are a gift.
This life is for Giving.
Blessed be the Gift you are.

Loving you,
Betty Lue