Thursday, November 11, 2004

How Do You Take Care of You?

Impeccable Care of B’Lue

Written to remind myself of how to love myself Well.
Written to remember what works best for me.
Written to ensure that I look at what I value.
Written to inspire me to remember impeccable self care is the foundation for purposeful living.
My life purpose is to live and give the Best I have, the best I know, the best I AM.

My body speaks and I listen. When I care for my body it supports me in living on purpose.
My heart knows and I follow. When my mind is quiet, I can hear what and where and how I am to go.
When I take care of the vessel I am given, I am well provided for in all I need to serve the Good of All.

I do my best with a diet that is primarily organic vegetables and rice.
Minimal or no eggs, cheese, corn, wheat, oats, soy, citrus, tomato, meats and fish.
No onions, garlic, spices, preservatives, natural flavors., bananas, food dyes.
No peanuts, cashews, almonds, chocolate and minimal walnuts and pecans.
Minimal sugar, only olive or canola oil, occasional butter.
Drink filtered water, reverse osmosis and seltzer waters., 48-64 oz.
Occasional small amounts of organic fruit juices and organic fruits.
I do best with a weight that is between 130 and 140#.
I do best in flat shoes with orthodic and cushioned support.
I do best with indoor temps of 65-68 day and 60-62 night.
I do best with outdoor temps of 50-85 degrees.
I do best with fresh air and open windows.
I do best with ionized and filtered air to breathe.
I do best wearing natural fibers, cotton, silk, wool and some rayon.
I do best using All ‘all clear’ detergent with no perfumes, colors, etc
I do best in a fragrance free environment, wearing only Clinique makeup.
I do best with personal hygiene products that are natural with no perfumes.
I do best walking 30-60 minutes daily and doing T’ai chi Chih daily.
I do best eating brown rice cereal with applesauce in the AM and eating salad for lunch.
I do best with food prepared with loving attention and enjoyment.
I do best with two cups of House Blend or Kona coffee spread throughout the day.
I do best eating little or no supper at least 3 hours before bedtime.
I do best within a clean and orderly environment, which is maintained without cleaning chemicals.
I do best without pesticides, germicides, air fresheners or herbicides being sprayed.
I do best doing what I enjoy, when I enjoy doing it, a self made schedule.
I do best honoring my inner guidance without interference or outer suggestions or demands.
I do best watching minimal or no TV, listening to quiet music without lyrics or in silence.
I do best reading inspirational material before bed, no violence or negative material.
I do best watching PG movies that have a positive moral or tell a meaningful story.
I do best talking about problems from the position of what we CAN DO.
I do best have long periods of silence each day in which I can follow my inner call.
I do best with clear concise and conscious communications.
I do best with positive conflict resolution and proactive problem solving.
I do best with immediate forgiveness of all judgments and spiritual alignment for the highest Good.
I do best with those who seek to make their lives better with joy, peace and love for All.
I do best with simple bookkeeping and business practices.
I do best with natural flow of finances, trusting all is provided for what is needed.
I do best with happy thoughts and/or no thoughts.
I do best with minimal unnecessary communication or idle chatter.
I do my best when I give my best to everyone in all situations.
I do my best when I honor and respect my whole and holy self.
I am committed to give myself the best to live my best.

What is your commitment to your impeccable self care?
Betty Lue is reminding herself and you to take impeccable care of your own unique needs to be your best Self.

Be grateful for those who remind us of our rights and responsibilities as global citizens.
Be grateful to those who choose to give the best they have for the Good of All.
Be grateful to those who love and teach our children the highest values and the thirst for knowledge.
Be grateful to those who live their lives with integrity for what they believe.
Be grateful to those who speak out rather than mumble their complaints.
Be grateful to those who take impeccable care of themselves so they can care for others.
Be grateful to those who are veterans of earthly life and serve everyday with love and peace and joy.
Be grateful.